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tv   British Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  December 9, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EST

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>> would the government consider that a success or a failure? >> i think what the monorational -- >> eliminate people that were not on the address and to get accurate to aim democracy and not defect in democracy. >> thank you, mr. speaker. can i ask what the government is doing? >> my friend asked a very important question. if the sifl service is to work to support the whole country it needs to take steps and one of
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the most exciting parts of that is the huge apprenticeship that allows people and encourages people from all backgrounds to have a successful career in the civil service. >> order, questions to the prime minister? [shouting] >> i've been asked to reply. >> mr. speaker as christmas draws closer, people are having difficulty making end's meet.
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they felt 24,000 shops to get 63 million pounds. seems to be refusing to answer questions from the daily on the subject. [shouting] >> of course, we take very seriously excessive interest charges on payday lending, which is why it was conservative to achieve the first ever on lending. [shouting] >> on the specific question he raises about the funding for illegal money laundrying we are looking actually now to meet the funding requirements that he identifies. [shouting] >> not only attacked christians
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and muslims but also churches, shrines and mosques. the welcome announcement to protect heritage, can we sooner than later rectify the convention? >> well, let me update the house on the military action since we met last week. 11 missions and conducted four strikes principally against oil fields. very specifically on the damage being done to the cultural aspects of the area. 30 million pounds and i've discussed with the director of the museum and ratification of
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hay convention is moving at pace. >> angela eagle. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker, it's nice to get such a warm welcome. [shouting] >> mr. speaker our hearts go out to those suffering consequences of severe flooding in the northwest this week with thousands of families and businesses affected. yet one year on from the 2013-14 floods, 15% of those affected received payments from the government's repair and renew scheme. this cannot possible be allowed
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to happen again. these people need urgent help now. so will the chancellor today give the house a guaranty that people will receive the help that they need and quickly? [shouting] >> let me welcome the honorable lady to her place. let me join her by expressing the sympathy of the whole house to those affected by the terrible record hit. the update is that we have just one severe flood warning still in place and power house restored. we have to be there for the long-term for the families. we continue to spot the immediate rescue efforts, of course, the military deployed, on recovery the question she asked about i can say a 50 million-pound fund for
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families and businesses affected in the area, this will be administered by the local authorities to avoid some of the administrative problems that she alludes to in her question. when it comes to rebuilding the infrastructure and others areas affected, we are setting damage to floods and funds will be made available. one of the benefits of having a strong and resilient economy is we can help people in need. >> well, mr. speaker, i thank the chancellor from that answer, you wouldn't think, would you, that he cut flood spending by 115 million pounds this year. [shouting] >> l -- mr. speaker, after visiting the floods, the prime minister told the house in the statement that money is no object in this relief effort, whatever money is needed will be spent. now i welcome the announcement that the which he knows --
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chancellor has just made but will he confirm the same will apply this time. >> absolutely. the money will be made available to those affected and the communities who have seen the infrastructure damage up to 5 pounds to individual families to repair the homes and protect them against future flooding and we are going to provide money to businesses to see businesses and heartbreaking stories we've all seen on television about businesses that have been affected as well. so that money is available as i say because we have a strong and resilient economy, we are actually increasing the money we spend on our flood prevention. [shouting] >> we are going to be spending 2 billion pounds on flood expenses and increasing the maintenance spending. something we can do to help communities because we took the
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decision to fix our economy. [shouting] >> i thank the chancellor for that and we will hold him to account on the promises he says today. it will only protect one and eight in those households that are at risk. mr. speaker, i see that the prime minister can't be with us because he's visiting poland and rumania in renegotiations tour. [laughter] >> mr. speaker, he's been all over the place, no wonder we have to find -- fund his own airplane. [laughter] >> can the chancellor tell us how is it all going --
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[shouting] >> the good news is we have a leader that's represented abroad. [shouting] >> prime minister is in eastern europe because we are fighting for europe. >> mr. speaker, i have to tell him that many are pretty unimpressed. [laughter] mr. speaker, mr. speaker, the honorable member describes the prime minister's renegotiation efforts at pretty thin gruel.
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lame and trivial. yesterday the honorable member told that they were not all that impressed. [shouting] >> now, mr. speaker, chancellor is well known for cultivating and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. can i ask him the questions, his own side won't answer? [shouting] >> given the prime minister has preresigned, does he aspire to be britain's post eu prime minister? [shouting] [laughter] >> most opposition parties are trying to get momentum, they are trying to get rid of it.
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[shouting] >> we are fighting for a good deal for britain and europe, we are fighting to make the european economy competitive to everyone and braitian gets a fair deal that a country that's not in the euro, in the end, it will be something we put to the people in britain and the only reason it's happening at all is because the conservative party won the general election. >> mr. speaker, the chancellor has said about issues in the labor party condemning the aul -- appalling activities and the future. [shouting] >> i know he didn't answer the question. he might be worried about somebody a few places down the
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bench. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] [shouting] >> i mean, mr. speaker, she knows who she is. [laughter] >> mr. speaker, if he won't listen, perhaps he'll listen to someone who has written in. i have here a letter. [shouting] [laughter] >> mr. speaker, mr. speaker.
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[laughter] and he writes uncertainty about the future of uk and european unions is a destabilizing factor [shouting] >> since the conservative party announced policy on the referendum we have received into this country because we built a strong economy, that's because we stand for britain's interest abroad and we have made a competitive place to grow and build a business, but, look, someone called tony has been writing today happens to be the most successful labour leader in history and describing the labour party as a complete tragedy at the moment. and i suggest that she asks some
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serious questions about the health service, the economy, about social care, she can ask any of these questions, she's got one more question, let's hear it. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, i prefer this quote from tony, five more years and you feel reason repulse by what they've done to our country. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, mr. speaker, we all know that the chancellor is so preoccupied with his own leadership ambitions that he forgot to save jobs. that's why he's slashing working families' budget. it's time to focus on the national interest rather than
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his own interest. [shouting] >> a million uk jobs to trade. that's why -- that's why they are putting it at risk, this is why we on this side of the house know that britain is better off in. [shouting] >> the labour party voted for the referendum. we are fighting for a better deal for britain and europe and the truth is this, this week we've shown we've got an economic plan and whether it's well funded plus defenses are putting money into the national health service or backing teachers in schools, introducing a national living wage, we are delivering security to the working people of britain and their economic and national security would be put at risk if the labour party ever got back into office.
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[shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. i recently visited david wilson home and saw firsthand what they're doing, what more schools can do to promote apresent -- apprenticeship? >> of course, schools do have a legal duty to provide with information on training and education is available and schools can now tell pupils, there's going to be 3 million apprentices in this parliament. that's a huge commitment to young people in this country. it's also a big commitment to the industry. that's something that no doubt was raised by the business but
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3 million apprenticeships are going to help. >> occasionally highly toxic and dangerous materials are transported around the country. isn't the public expected the higher safety standards between the public responsible agencies? >> well, absolutely they're expected to have that cooperation. if he's talking about the transportation of nuclear materials from the fast lane base, actually i met there t -- the local teams but if he has something else that he wants to talk about, go ahead. >> there's reports in the north of scottland about plans to transport dangerous nuclear material including potentially nuclear weapons uranium from the facility on public roads to
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airport. it's believed that it would be flown to the united states, what would it be used for or has any of the colleagues or themselves spoken with the minister and the scottish government about this? >> the transportation of nuclear materials has happened across this country over many decades. there are established procedures for doing so. the royal marines and the police service in scottland provides the security as they do that, if he has specific concerns he wants to raise about the plans for the transportation, he can raise them with us. but as i say, the arrangements are in place to make sure we protect the public. [shouting] >> thank you very much, sir. the chancellor will know the prime minister said in his recent conference speech that we have to get away from the lock them up or let them out mentality when it comes to
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prison reports. it has to be right. the prison system is costing a fortune. would chancellor agree that rehabilitation work is now? >> my friend is right to raise the question of prison reform. people who commit crimes should go to prison but the prisons should be suitable to rehabilitate prisoners. our prisons are not suitable, that's why we are going to close them. knock them down and build housing in the cities, which is of course, desperately needed and build modern prisons in the outskirts. i have to say i'm incredibly proud of the program taking social reform. [shouting] >> billion for economy, i'm sure the chancellor will share my concern that two curry houses a
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week are closing and proposed colleges that have also failed. as a fan himself, will he review the situation, he lighten strong economy to that of a good curry and come off the crisis? [inaudible conversations] >> we all enjoy a great british curry but we want is the train here in britain to be provided -- [shouting] >> jobs for people here in this country and that's what our immigration controls provide. >> thank you, speaker. [laughter] [inaudible]
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>> local economic well-being and infrastructure to fuel, what would my honorable friend say to my constituents. any new road is eventually better than any road. >> i congratulate my friends on securing 50 million pounds for lincoln. a bypass will go ahead. it has to be big enough. let's continue to have those conversations and what we need both of us is to make sure local authorities agree with assessment as well and i'm happy to help him in that task. >> thank you, mr. speaker. since the budget in july i have asked time and time again about how he intends to make women improve in order to qualify for tax credits, this policy is
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policy, completely unworkable and draw a clause. >> i think t perfectly reasonable to have a well system to those who need it but those who pay for it as well. we identify the very specific case, she identifies in her question about women who have been the victim of domestic abuse or, indeed, raped and that is why we are consulting or discussing changes to those vulnerable women. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my constituency since 2010, i met with income training and small businesses to discuss aprend -- apprenticeships. [shouting] >> chancellor.
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>> the great news is jobs are being created and in her constituency. we are investing in infrastructure there as well. we are investing in the skills for the next generation with apprentices that she talks about and backing small businesses by cutting the corporations tax and increasing the employment allow weans so they can take more people without paying the job's tax. >> despite giving gps coordinates several of hospitals have been bombed by coalition and particularly assad forces in syria, yemen and afghanistan, killing medics as well as patients. how does the government propose to avoid this in the future? >> the tragic situation of the bombing of the hospital which he
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mentioned and there's a review going onto make sure that the coalition has got accurate information where it strikes. when it comes to yemen, we are working with the saud ji government to make sure that they can review this information and that the information is accurate, as for the syrian government and assad, i'm afraid we have no control over them. it's one of the reasons why we would like to see assad go. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. good news. [shouting] >> will the chancellor commit to continue investment in the economy in area which prefers to any other type? [shouting] >> i'm delighted to hear and the good news that's been happening to his area where it's down by 25% in the last year alone.
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thanks to local businesses, thanks to the work he's done in attracting infrastructure investment into his constituency and i'm glad he likes the governments and doesn't have so much time by those opposite. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> the chancellor -- [inaudible] >> and all have said they wouldn't have been able to study without support of scottish government. what will he say that maybe prevent of the coming -- [shouting] >> well, currently we have a situation with two-thirds of the people in england who apply for nurse training courses are turned down. that can't be right. it means the hospital rely on agency staff or oversea nurses
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so we are reforming the education of nurses that those who apply are most likely to get them. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. carlisle and company have create traumatic experiences with floods. as part of the recovery, foundation, highly respected county wide charitable organization, i wrote asking for government support, it would help many affected people right across the county. would the chancellor be able to provide such support toward this much needed fund. [shouting] >> first of all, i think everyone would pay tribute to the people of carlisle and resilience and acts of
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friendship and neighbors have shown by those affected by the floods. the prime minister this morning before he left for central europe asked me to make sure we be able to help on the specific point that my honorable friend raises with the prime minister and i can say that we will support the work and match by up to a million pounds the money raising by the flood. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, when the chancellor tripled student tuition fees, set threesh hold at 21,000 pounds. now has frozen the threshold and studies show that many students will bare many extra thousands of pounds of repayment. given the promise, will he send students an apology or just the bill?
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>> they introduced tuition fees and the threshold was 15,000 pounds. we've increased that to 21,000 pounds. that enables us to fund the listing on the cap so more people that are qualified can go to university and i would have thought or hoped that on this day he would welcome the big investment we are making into cambridge. [shouting] >> finally open this month. this will deliver business park, country side park. it's been talked about for decades. will the chancellor join me to welcoming new business and to expand? [shouting] >> chancellor. >> i certainly encourage businesses to locate and he is right about this link road. for decades people have called for this link road and for all
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those years it's true there was a conservative mp but there was a labour mp and nothing happened. now we have conservative for getting the investment that the local area needs. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. on the seventh of september the prime minister told me that he could not remove refugees from the migration target because of the requirements of the national statistics. mr. speaker, i wrote to the ons, and they told me, in fact, it would be possible. the chancellor demonstrate that britain will do its bid and remove -- [shouting] >> first of all -- >> let's hear the answer. let's hear the chancellor. >> we talked to each other in
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this government. [shouting] >> the cabinet actually gets around and have meetings and discuss things and then we agree and move forward. they should try it in the labour party. on the honorable lady's question, britain is doing bid by taking the 20,000 refugees from the syrian refugee camps and we have always provided a home to asylum seekers. [shouting] ..


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